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Digital Product Design and Engineering.

Entrepreneurs and business owners come to us when they’re struck with an idea that can revolutionise their operations. We work with them to build digital products for the future; with seamless function and usability.

Our areas of expertise.

Your consumers are surrounded by digital products, playing their small yet impactful role in their lives. We’re here to help you find your role in their lives.


We have build chatbot and voice apps to address large demands with seamless user experiences. Our development teams utilise the latest developments in AI and Natural Language Processing.

Our machine learning capabilities deliver solutions that address today's requirements and prepare for tomorrow's. We leverage data-driven algorithms to enhance processes, predictions, and decision-making.

Back-end engineering is critical for ensuring robust functionality, under any circumstance. Our team of backend engineers promise to deliver seamless data management and efficient functionality for your applications.


Our top-tier native app development services have delivered custom solutions for iOS and Android platforms. Building for the native platforms ensures high-performance, user-friendly experiences and optimal functionality.

Organisations come to Metarouge when they want to create unified applications that work across all platfomrs. This ensures cost-effectiveness and simplicity in operations.

We build software that connects devices in today's digital age. Our IoT services drive innovation by securing intelligent data exchange, with the help of robust infrastructure.


The future is in the cloud, and its only natural that we be ready for the future. Our team cumulatively has a vast experience with cloud deployment and development. For digital transformation leveraging the cloud, we've seen it all.

MVP builds are a specialised service, where we deliver rapid and cost-effective Minimum Viable Products. The objective is to help validate ideas, get early user feedback, and accelerate product development with a lean and functional approach.

Our infrastructure development and management capabilities provide seamless monitoring, maintenance, and optimization across your IT environment. Leave the issue of scaling and security to us, and focus on your core business operations with peace of mind.

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Your consumers are surrounded by digital products, playing their small yet impactful role in their lives.
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